prelude of Appearancing
Imam Khomeini’s Revolution

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):

In the name of God

Through prayer and exhortation, God has previously discharge the calamity in the land of the unbelievers and honored the believers so that the community of faith would differ from disbelief .
But now is another time, and supreme prayer is needed.
The difference between “Todays Corona ” and “Yesterday’s Waba” is as different as “Iranian Revolutionary” and ” Yesterdays colonial Samarra”!
Society embraces the “new face” by becoming a Muslim.In Shiism, a “higher reality” takes place and With pure Islam and true Shi’ism, “transcendence” is achieved.
In turn, it is constant that every creature absorbs the pasty’s fuzzies with its “recent form” and “ultimate actuality”: the plant with its vegetable actuality absorbs something that the body cannot absorb. Man, with his act of reason and speech, receives a grace that the animal is unaware of.
Now a society that has exist dualist and becom Muslim; has emerged from the conquests of Islam and embraced Islam; Of course, his Ashura pilgrimage repels Waba.
If he took advantage of the revolutionary Shiites of Ali and Hussein and rebelled against the Yazidis, he stood up to the Sufis; What is that superior grace?
Now ,It is time to “bring science to the ground if it is in the Soraya” and make it as religion right.
Again, with the pilgrimage to Ashura, the prayer of Ja’far Tayyari and the imploration to Imam Asr (AS) do similar. But not in the general approach of al-Fail and Abdulmutallab, who demands his camel, and says: The house has its own owner!
Rather, it is in the approach of Muhammad (PBUH) and his heirs, who replaced the believer with Ababil.Bring “The Miracle of the Sejl” in (and you did not smite when you smote; Holy Quran: Anfal , 17)

Now, the believer’s archer does the work of Sajjil Ababel.
When the head of Baqiyatallah announced the completion of three projects for definitive treatment of the corona virus, and the minister of health responded with a message of thanks to the revolutionary leader, “Surely we will astonish the world as soon as we get sick”; I saw these treat in Khomeini’s children.



  • Khomeini’s revolution came for the gathering these and next world, science and spirituality, calling itself the prelude to Mahdavi civilization. So it must be above the miracle of Vaba “from the believers”. It must absorb the heavenly grace of science and remove Corona “from humanity” by revolutionary believers.
    This also wants your prayer and supplication.Now pray not just for the miracle of inactivating the virus among the believers – for a revolution in the flag of Iran to solve this global evil that will draw the views to the legitimacy of this way and that religion.
    Pray and pray since today till , young scholars of the Qom revolution will surprise the world: Revolutionary Iran heals Corona!
    Today, we are one step closer to (men entering the religion of Allah in companies) (Holy Quran: Nasr,2)
    Hoping that day…
    Mohsen Ghanbarian


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