Al-Mustafa al-Alamiya
Life in Al-Mustafa al-Alamiya University

The Rhyaftgan (comprehensive database missionaries and converts)

Al-Mustafa al-Alamiya (International) University is a center for promotion of humanities with a seminary school identity and mission. With its main headquarters in Qom, the university hosts more than 170 branches and centers around the country and abroad mainly in Indonesia, Britain, Lebanon, Norway, Nigeria, India, etc. Domestic branches are located in Gorgan, Mashhad, Isfahan, Qeshm Island. The branch in Gorgan opened in 1996 and is a major center for Sunni seminary lessons. So far, 250 foreign students from 20 countries have been admitted to its many branches. The major Islamic Sunni sects (Hanafite, Maleki, Shafe’ei, and Hanbalite) send clerics to the university as lecturers.


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