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the perspective of a French NewMuslim woman regarding the hijab

In essence, I believed in God.
I got involved in a religious game. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam…

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):In essence, I believed in God;

I got involved in a religious game. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I believed in God, but I had my own customs and traditions. After that, I started to learn about all three religions and how they formed and progressed. Gradually, I realized that Islam is the final religion and Christianity and Judaism have no value without Islam, so I embraced Islam in this way.

My research into information and knowledge was aided by the numerous books I read. Before becoming a Muslim, I had friends from whom I learned a few things, but I gained general awareness and knowledge through reading books.

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I recited the Shahada (testimony of faith) twice, once in front of a Muslim sister when I wasn’t praying. Then, I recited the Shahada at the mosque and accepted Islam. This feeling is indescribable for me and cannot be captured in words or sentences… You have to experience it!

It’s true that for someone living in a secular country, adhering to religious values, especially when it comes to wearing the hijab, is challenging. Undoubtedly, the attire and hijab create a distinct difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim.

Without the hijab, how can you tell if a woman is Muslim or not? When I go to the mosque, I wear the hijab, but it’s not feasible with my family or during my class sessions.

Although with determination and faith, I will eventually be able to do it, and that’s my goal. I believe that women living in Islamic countries have a great opportunity to wear the hijab.

Of course, not out of compulsion or force, but rather when wearing it, there shouldn’t be an internal feeling that it’s something I must do, or because my spouse wants me to, or because the environment dictates it.

Instead, it is an obligation that Allah, the Almighty, has ordained as a means of protection for us against the gaze of unrelated men. Therefore, we shouldn’t say or think that we wear it out of coercion.

We should all be committed to the hijab. There are Muslim women who are active in various fields in their society, contributing to its development, and the hijab does not limit women’s progress.

I truly hope to hear about a lady who embraces Islam due to my words. If I know that such an incident occurs and a sister becomes committed to the hijab as a result of my words, I am very grateful; Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah).

Allah is great, and He Himself will ignite the enthusiasm and eagerness in their hearts for the hijab, God willing.

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