Valeria Porokhova
Russian Translator of Quran Dies Aged 79

A Russian convert to Islam who translated of the Quran into the Russian language died at the age of 79.

According to rahyafte(the missionaries and converts website)According to RT Arabic, Valeria Porokhova died on Monday. Her rendering of the Quran has been hailed as one of the most beautiful translations that has remained very faithful to the original text.

Porokhova was born in Tsarskoye Selo, Russia. She was an Orthodox Christian who embraced Islam after marrying a Syrian Muslim scholar and moving to Damascus in 1985.



There she started working on translation of Quran. The translation was supervised by scholars from Syria and other Arab countries. Famous Islamic experts note that her translation of Quran is not only accurate, but is also made in poetical form. It is closer to the original than all the previous Russian translations. The translation was finished in 1991 and submitted to the Islamic academy Al-Azhar for review.

She said in an interview in 2011, “When I read the Quran, I felt in love with it, which made me translate it into Russian”.

She also admitted that she found a lot of difficulties, but scholars like Sheikh Ahmad Kaftaro, the former Mufti of Syria, and his son Sheikh Mahmoud Kaftaro helped her a lot thorough her work.

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