In the month of Ramadan, I consciously make an effort to make more dhikr (remembrance of Allah)

10 May 2020

Moreover, shouldn’t the name be given to us from God Almighty? YES, my point exactly. The names “Christianity” and “Judaism” were not written in the Holy Scriptures. Humans named them, not God. The notion that God would ordain a religion for mankind to follow without a name is impossible for my mind to accept.

06 May 2020

I’m striving to memorize the entire Quran as well as become a Qari inshaAllah

04 May 2020

“Today, Hijab is part of me, and I like it because it keeps me conscious and away from banalities”

03 May 2020

New book released on Hazrat Zahra (SA) political life and struggles

مجموعه فلش کارت رهیافتگان