“Islam is the right path therefore it will help, and it will improve the lives of young people; so the ultimate goal in the world must be Islam.”

05 December 2020

A children book, ‘ Edoardo’s Smile’ by Muslim French author Claire Jubert about ‎Italian martyr Edoardo Agnelli has been published in Persian. ‎

24 November 2020

One day in New York while I was in a library looking for some books I suddenly saw the Qur’an and was curious to know what it had to offer. I picked it up and started to read the English translation of the segments. While reading I felt that the words and phrases had a special power and light in them and they couldn’t be written by mankind.

17 November 2020

my family is half Croatian so I think a bit more than it is regular in Germany, but there weren’t many visits in the church

15 November 2020

Children story about Edoardo Agnelli published ‎

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