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what happened to her and how did she embrace Islam

“The patient awakened me in a way; she reminded me that sickness or death could hit us anytime. Every day as Muslims, we should prepare,”

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website) Queenie Padilla a Filipino actress, has left showbiz behind and become a devout Muslim. She thanks her father for making it possible for her to perform Hajj, and also her mother, who was born Muslim, and had appealed to her daughters Queenie and her sister to embrace Islam.

Queenie Padilla, who now uses her Muslim name “Khadija” , is now married to a non-showbiz guy.

However, Queenie is very private about her husband, not even sharing a photo of him.
Queenie, is currently based in Dubai and is busy with a Muslim clothing

According to a report from Pep, Queenie is enjoying her life away from showbiz.

She did not divulge any other details, such as the name of her husband. Although she did not say where she is now, it was reported that she is based in Dubai.


The former young actress also wrote in her blog, talking about her struggles in showbiz.

“It was music to my ears when I heard the director yell ‘action!’ but after ‘cut!’ I was unhappy,” she wrote.

She also shared that as an introvert, she was not comfortable with the glitz and glamour, the parties and social gatherings she had to be part of.

“I wasn’t fond of the pretentiousness of the glitz, glamour and the masquerades. Being an introvert I never did like to socialize or share my whole life on TV. But I guess I had to learn to fit in though I detested it. It always made me so inarticulate since I was and still a very private person,” she wrote.

Four years since turning her back in showbiz, Queenie said that she is now happy and contented with her private life.


“Looking into my life now, nearly 4 years on as a Muslim struggling to practice my religion, I am still happy and until now I never felt the emptiness I felt back then. But I have realized that trials and tribulations can also make you feel ‘lost.’

“No matter what situation you are in, what status or position you hold, what job you have, the condition of your heart, trials and tribulations are a part of life,” she wrote.

It was in 2011 when Queenie bid farewell to showbiz, citing her religion as a one of the reasons.

Queenie Padillais a Filipino-Australian actress and daughter of actor Robin Padilla. Queenie born in 1992 and joined showbiz life early in her childhood. Her father Robinhood Ferdinand Cariño Padilla is widely known as a Filipino film director, screenwriter, producer, martial artist and actor. Queenie’s father played a vital role in her entrance as famous actress in film and drama industry.

Queenie did not embrace Islam for any other reason like marriage etc. but she purely convert to Islam just because she felt Islam is a true religion and it has capacity to organize her life, give her purpose and vanish her false dreams and wishes which caused her depression as she said,

“When I was in showbiz, I was very unhappy. I was lost and I always felt I never belong. But now that Allah is in my life…I am so happy and content”

Queenie said while answering the question why she left Showbiz life,
“It’s forbidden for us to be in show business because it requires you to show your entire body. Actually, I already quit [showbiz].

Her father, Robin also inclined towards Islam. But the changes what father witness in her beloved daughter were tremendous in his words, as Robin said when he saw her daughter converting to Islam not just emotionally but how firm she seems in her believe as he said,


“I saw this glow in her that I’ve never seen growing up as a child. Everything that came out from her mouth was all about Islam and Allah. And she was reading the Quran constantly and listening to lectures and she wore the hijab. I asked her if she was afraid of wearing the hijab in this society. She said she wasn’t because she has piety, and that’s all that matters.”Now Queenie Padilla is not just a practicing Muslim, but also doing hard work and using her influence so the sake of Islamic preaching. Nowadays, Queenie speaks with a conviction about Islam not like previously seen in some of her TV interviews, in which she appeared reserved and even a little nervous due to her newly conversion. Now, she has transformed herself into a girl who conveys the message of Islam to other people with courage and confidence by understanding her influence and value in other’s view, even if she admits her knowledge is still limited as she said,

“The patient awakened me in a way; she reminded me that sickness or death could hit us anytime. Every day as Muslims, we should prepare,”

Actress Queenie Padilla has quit show business for her Muslim religion.
In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Padilla said she finds inner peace and direction in life in Islam.
“Islam is a way of life. When you start to [become a] Muslim, you know [what] your life purpose really is. I am such a sinful person, but Allah invited me to his house. I am so close to him,” she said.
Padilla recently performed the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Makkah in Saudi Arabia. She said she has become a totally different person because of Islam.
“When I was in showbiz, I was very unhappy. I was lost and I always felt I never belong. But now that Allah is in my life, Alhamdullilah, La illa illalah, I am so happy and content in my life,” she said.
As she enjoys her new life, Padilla said she will not go back to show business.


Padilla thanked her father, action star Robin Padilla, who introduced her to Islam.
“I just want to thank my father for giving me the opportunity to perform Hajj. And I love him so much because without my father, I might not have been a Muslim,” she said.
Even Padilla’s relatives and friends in Saudi Arabia were inspired by her new image.
As she returns to the country, Padilla said she will carry with her the experiences she had while doing Hajj, adding that she will share these to her fellow Filipinos

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