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Desecration of Quran in Turkey Draws Anger, Condemnation

A video shared in social media in which students of a high school desecrate a copy of the Holy Quran has caused Muslims’ anger in Turkey and other countries and drawn widespread condemnation.

According to Rahyafte(the missionaries and converts website)The clip is said to have been recorded in a high school in the town of Serik in eastern Anatolia, according to website.

It shows a number of students kicking and playing football with the copy.

Loud laughter is also heard in the video, which has sparked anger and resentment among many in Turkey and Arab countries.

After the video was spread, a meeting was held by the school administration, in which it was decided to take disciplinary action against four students, Turkish media reported.

The education department of the region has also appointed an inspector to launch an administrative investigation into the issue.

This is not the first time an act of Quran desecration happens in the country.

In October last year, police arrested four individuals in northern Turkey after videos circulated on social media showing the four tearing pages from a copy of the Quran into scraps and throwing them in a football stadium in Ordu province.

In 2020, a Turkish man named Ibrahim Atabi released a footage on social media showing his tearing pages from a copy of the Holy Book.

He then fled to Russian following a backlash over his offensive move.


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