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France Blocks Campaign on Hijab Freedom in Europe

French government’s opposition to a pro-hijab campaign in the European Union has led to pulling related videos from Twitter.

According to Rahyafte(the missionaries and converts website) The government of France has blocked the activity of a campaign run by the Council of Europe that aims to promote diversity among women and their freedom to wear the hijab.

French Secretary of State for Youth Sarah El Haïry told LCI on Tuesday said she was “deeply shocked” by this campaign and its posters on Twitter. “It is the opposite of the values France is standing up for … France made its very strong disapproval of the campaign clear, which is why it was pulled today.”

She claimed that France supports freedom of religion but this campaign is a promotion of hijab.

Posters of the campaign which featured young women wearing Islamic headscarves were removed from Twitter just days after the launching of the project.

The campaign was launched by the Council of Europe on October 28, featuring a video juxtaposed images of young women wearing the hijab interspersed with phrases like “beauty is in diversity, as freedom is in the hijab.”

Critics believe that France under the leadership of President Emmanuel Macron is pursuing an anti-Muslim campaign under the guides of defending its so-called secular values.

In response to the biased behavior of the French government, Muslim women in the European country had launched a campaign in March 2021 titled “hands off my hijab”.

According to estimates, some 5 million Muslims live in France.


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