Faith First: 2 Ajax players had Iftar in middle of Champions League semifinal

According to rahyafte (the missionaries converts website):

For the two Ajax FC players it was Islam first as they broke their fast of Ramadan in the middle of high profile Champions league semifinal against Tottenham FC on Wednesday.



Fitness expert Raymond Verheijen has warned Mazraoui and his compatriot Ziyech against fasting during the game but the 21-year-old is confident that his religious obligation will not affect his performance.

“I will be fasting. I’m used to it. Are you allowed to eat when you have to deliver a heavy effort? People have different opinions about that, but this is my choice,” Mazraoui told Dutch outlet, Het Parool.

“I feel pretty energetic during the Ramadan. I don’t feel it while playing football. On Wednesday we play at 9 pm. I can drink at 9.15 [after sunset]. If I’m playing, I can walk to the side to drink a sip. If I’m playing.”

“It’s exactly like what the coach said. We have more than eleven players and we’ll need everyone,” he added.

“That’s what you experience during the final end of the season. I’ve been suspended twice lately and I’ve missed a couple of games due to an injury. Therefore it’s important.”


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