Silence and Cry
The Shining Example for Women

Fatima (sa) is shining example for women .What’s the meaning of her silence and cry?

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  1. Muhammad says:

    Abduz-Zahra Muhammad:
    In a country as Nigeria where the Shia members has no any Representative in National House of Assembly or any other post, with all their reasonable percentage 7% of total population.
    What would be the position and Directive of Marja’iyya and Wilayat al-Faqih in regard to contesting and participation in voting their right candidate of their choice?

    • abedi says:

      If you have access to a representative of the supreme leader or the imams, ask him.

      And if you do not have access, choose a representative or party that is better for the Shiites or those who are less opposed to Shi’a.