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Islam Teaches Peace And Respect to Everyone And Everything Created

Islam teaches peace and respect to everyone and everything created even the ants. If a person truly follows Islam, everything will make sense and everything will be just fine.

According to Rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):


An Exclusive Interview with a revert to Islam, Fatima, from Norway, by Bentolhoda Mofakhami

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Sister Fatima! Rahyafte Team (related to Edoardo AgnelliIslamic Association) appreciates you for agreeing to hold an interview and also for the time you allocated to us.


First of all, please tell us about yourself.

My name is Nikoletta, and my Islamic name is Fatima. I am 19 years old. I am originally from Poland but I was raised in Norway. I have been living in Norway since 2007. As of now, I live in my mom’s house. After summer vacation, I will start school InshaAllah.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

I have two younger brothers.

Please tell us about your previous religion, before converting to Islam. Did you find anything illogical in your last religion?

Before I converted to Islam, I was raised as a catholic.

Yes! How can Jesus be god and son of god and pray to god at the same time?!

How different was your previous religion from Islam?

Actually, the main difference is that Catholics do not pray five times a day, and they believe that Jesus is God.

How did you become familiar with Islam? What specifically attracted you to Islam?

We actually had lessons about all the main religions in school, so we learned about Islam too. What attracted me was stories about our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

When and how did you convert to Islam? (Please also talk about your last moments before converting.)

I took my Shahada in March 2016, but I felt and believed as a Muslim before that. I converted in my Somalian friend’s house with an Imam and witnesses. The last seconds before converting was just joy that it’s finally happening.

When did your journey to Islam begin?

My journey to Islam started from the first time I heard about Islam. Since then I was searching for truth. So, it was about when I was about 12 or 13 years old.

Were you afraid of saying Shahadah?

Yes, I was afraid of my parents’reaction. That’s why I waited until I got 17 to say Shahada. I had to wait till I’m ready to be on my own, just in case they threw me out of the house. And that’s what actually happened.

How do you feel when you work for your Akherah? (The other World)

I love it, but I feel like I can always do more and always be a better Muslim, and follow more Sunnahs.

Did you have any problem with your family members when you accepted Islam?

Yes, none of my family members fully accepted that I’m a Muslim. We just try to have peace and I’m showing them step by step who I am now as a Muslim and what I have to do, like praying and eating only halal foods. However, they don’t understand this part.

How did you control the clashes with your family members? Did they try to convince you not to revert to Islam?

I can’t control the clashes. I don’t have enough sabr (I’m not patient enough) to discuss Islam with my family. Whatever I say is futile, because they think they know better then me. Yes, they tried all the time.

What were your family members’ reactions when you were practicing Islam or saying your prayers?

I couldn’t actually do it in front of them, they didn’t let me. I had to hide to pray.

What was your feeling when you prayed for the first time? Wasn’t it hard for you to pray 5 times a day?

Praying for the first time felt like my heart is brand-new and clean. It was very hard to pray 5 times a day, nearly impossible. I prayed when I was alone or when everyone was sleeping so that I don’t get caught.

When and how did you announce your conversion to Islam?

When I told them that I want to marry a Muslim because I am a Muslim and I can’t marry anyone else.

How do you see the spread of Islam in your country?

There are many converts in Norway. More than I thought it would be.

Did you use Media like YouTube, Facebook, etc. to be more familiar with Islam?

Yes, mostly YouTube.

How did you adapt yourself to new ethics of Islam?

I did it step by step.

How was the effect of reading the Holy Quran on you?

I felt like I’m learning something what I was searching for. The most important life is in akheera not in dunya.

What is the most beautiful Ayah in Holy Quran?

Ayatul kursi and Surah Al-Ikhlas

Why do the most of the media attack Islam? Why are most of the media against Islam?

Because they don’t know what Islam really is about. They only believe the television and bad rumors.

What’s your opinion about hijab? Has wearing hijab had any negative effect on your private life? Do you think it is only for women?

I always wanted to wear hijab. It never had any negative effect on me. Only my family had negative effects on me,no one else.

Well, I think men should use the dress code that is mentioned in the Holy Quran, and Sunnah.

As a convert, what way of inviting to Islam you believe is more effective on non-Muslims?

Showing them how Muslims really should be, telling Hadith explaining them without no pressure.

If you want to say some words about the beauty of Islam, the peace, the calmness you have found in this religion what do you say?

I would say that only salah can give my heart peace and istaghfar. Islam teaches peace and respect to everyone and everything created even the ants. If a person truly follows Islam, everything will make sense and everything will be just fine.

How do Muslims supply their own Halal food? Is there a main shop for it? What is its name?

Yes, from a halal shop. There are many this kind of shops. We are actually buying meat in Sweden. It’s cheaper even EuroCash is selling halal meats.

Why did you change your name? And why did you choose Fatima?

After saying Shahada, they asked me to choose a name. And long time before it I wanted my name to be Fatima, So since then I’m Fatima. Not in my papers though, because it’s a lot of work but for all my friends and family it’s Fatima.

Did any of your friend convert to Islam after you?

One of my friends tried to convert. I even taught her how to pray, but her mother was a priest and she made the girl change her mind.

Thank you very much for your attention. May Allah bless you and keep you strong and firm on this true path.


DUA: Allah!

please accept this from us.

You are All-Hearing and All-Knowing.

You are The Most Forgiving.

You are The Most Relenting and repeatedly Merciful.

Allah! grant us The Taufiq to read all the 5 prayers with sincerity.

(Taken from  To Be Earnest In Prayers By Amina Elahi)

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