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Quranic Answers Are Not As Christian Bible

Wearing hijab was the best decision I ever took. Hijab is not only for women. It’s a message for all about our submission to Allah, including males.

According to Rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):


An Exclusive Interview of a Revert to Islam, Lawara, from Spain, by Bentolhoda Mofakhami


Lawara was born in Spain in a Catholic family. She got familiar with Islam through her sister and reverted to Islam 3 years ago. She is 23 years old now.


Sister Lawara! Rahyafte team (related to Edoardo Agnelli Islamic Association) appreciates you for agreeing to hold an interview and also for the time you allocated to us.


Please tell us how you got familiar with Islam and what motivated you to convert to Islam.
My old sister got married with a Muslim man and she reverted to Islam. She introduced Islam to me.

My sister and her husband are living in Morocco now and I saw my sister was so happy that I finally decided to study more about Islam.


What specifically attracted you to Islam?
The way Quran has answered to any question. It’s not as Christian Bible. It’s much more than a religion. It’s a way of life.





What was your family’s reaction after you became a Muslim? Did you have any problem with people who knew you? Are you married?
My parents got really angry when I decided to convert. I was the second daughter who reverted, so they finally accepted it. But a lot of my close family (uncles, cousins. …) stopped talking with me. I lost many friends too and got little bit uncomfortable at university. I’m not married yet.


How do you see the spread of Islam in your country?
I’m very happy because more than 20000 convert to Islam is happening each year in Spain. I can see more and more women with hijab in the streets and that’s very beautiful to see. Numbers of mosques are growing and mostly all migrants in Spain are Muslims. So the future is really optimist.


What is the most beautiful Ayah of the Quran in your opinion? And why?
I think Al-Baqara (2:186) is the most beautiful one. I don’t know how is in English because I use to read Quran in Spanish. I love it because I know He is hearing me every time I pray.


What’s your opinion about hijab? Did wearing hijab have any effect on your private life? Do you think it is only dedicated to women?
Wearing hijab was the best decision I ever took. I was scared at first with many people looking at you, but now it is part of me. I had some troubles with it at university or hospitals, but finally my faith became stronger and I think I’m better Muslimah since I have worn it. Hijab is not only for women. It’s a message for all about our submission to Allah, including males.


How do you analyze the family institution according to Christianity and Islam?
I live in a Christian country, so I know which are priorities here and in an Islamic country. Here we can see gay marriages, baby adoptions by gay people, lost of family values and…. In an Islamic country respecting to old people, women and religion is still strong. Surely I prefer the traditional Muslim family to the Western modern family.


What was your feeling when you prayed for the first time? Wasn’t it hard for you to pray 5 times a day?
First time I prayed was beautiful because that made me Muslimah. I remember crying after that (I still cry some days). Of course it’s hard to pray 5 times per day (including fajr ), but I wouldn’t be Muslim if I didn’t do it.


If you want to say some words about the beauty of Islam, the peace, the calmness you have found in this religion what do you say?
I recommend every one to discover Islam and lose the fear about it, specially to people disappointed with Catholicism.


Thank you very much for your attention. May Allah bless you and keep you strong and firm on this true path.


DUA: Allah please accept this from us. You are All-Hearing and All-Knowing. You are The Most Forgiving.You are The Most Relenting and repeatedly Merciful. Allah grant us The Taufiq to read all the 5 prayers with sincerity.
(Taken from: To Be Earnest In Prayers By Amina Elahi)
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