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Hazrat Shauib; Economic Recommendations of A Messenger of God

Shuaib (AS) was a divine prophet and a descendant of Abraham (AS). Shuaib (AS) is the third Arab prophet whose name has been mentioned in the Quran.

According to Rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website): His father was Madin the son of Abraham (AS) and his mother was a daughter of Prophet Lut (AS). Some believe Madin was his grandfather and his father’s name was Nuaib. There are also different opinions about whether Shuaib was the father in law of Moses (AS) whose name is mentioned in the Old Testament as Jethro.

There is no mention of the story of Shuaib and his people in the Old Testament. It only says that after Moses (AS) left Egypt and went to Madyan, he met someone named Reuel, who was the religious authority in the city and some believe he was Shuaib.

In more than 40 verses in Surahs Al-Araf, Hud, Ash-Shu’ara, Al-Ankabut and Al-Qasas, the Quran refers to Shuaib, although his name has been mentioned directly 11 times. Most of those verses are about subjects like management, society’s rights, ethics, promotion of monotheistic culture, and economic reforms. The verses also talk about those who rejected Shuaib’s call and the punishment they received.

Shuaib became a prophet after Joseph (AS), the son of Yakub (AS), and before Moses (AS). He is believed to be the third Arab prophet whose story has been cited in the Quran.

Madyan, or Madyan Shuaib, is a city in the Gulf of Aqaba in Arabia. Shuaib first lived in this city. He invited the people of the city to worship God, the Almighty, and avoid doing evil deeds but they rejected his invitation and expelled Shuaib and his followers from the city.

Shuaib cursed them and God sent an earthquake to punish them. The city was destroyed and its people were killed in the earthquake.

Shuaib then went to the people of Ikka, a city near Madyan that is now known as Tabuk. The Quran says that the people of Ikka also rejected Shuaib’s call and insisted on their Kufr (disbelief). So they were also killed in divine punishment.

In verse 85 of Surah Al-Araf, God says that the people of Madyan did not follow the rules of trade and economic interaction. Shuaib tried to reform their economic practices but they did not follow his advice: “We sent to the people of Madyan their brother Shuaib who also told his people to worship God their only Lord. He said, ‘A guidance has come to you from your Lord. Maintain proper measures and weights in trade. Do not cause any deficiency in people’s property or destroy the land after it has been reformed. This is for your own good, if you have any faith.”


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