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National working group to facilitate pilgrimage for all Muslims

The national working group for pilgrimage has met in Imam Reza holy shrine with top officials and dignitaries in attendance.

According to Rahyafte(the missionaries and converts website)Expressing condolences on martyrdom anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, Hazrat Fetemeh (SA), Hoj. Ahmad Marvi, the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, called pilgrimage the manifestation of Muslims’ love for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his household.
In a meeting hosting Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi, the representative of Iran’s leader in Khorasan Razavi Province, and other senior officials, Hoj. Marvi expressed hope that the meeting would pave the way for pilgrimage to the holy shrines for the public more than ever before.
“God willing, this working group will make efficient decisions to promote, expand and facilitate pilgrimage for all Muslims”, said the chief custodian.
Elsewhere, Ayat. Alamolhoda, leader’s representative in the province and congregational prayer imam in northeastern city of Mashhad, thanked the president for attaching great significance to pilgrimage in the 13th administration. “The administration’s steadfastness regarding pilgrimage can lead to the expansion of cultural and welfare infrastructure for comparatively better services to pilgrims on a national and international scale”.
The meeting also looked at some specific cultural, construction, transportation, and infrastructure matters to facilitate pilgrimage.

Astan Quds Razavi,

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