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Plans Underway to Hold Int’l Islamic Art Conf. in Pakistan

An international conference and exhibition is set to be held at Pakistan’s University of Punjab with the cooperation of Iranian cultural centers.

According to Rahyafte(the missionaries and converts website)Prof. Sumera Jawad, head of College of Arts & Design at the University of Punjab, and renowned Pakistani calligrapher Erfan Qureshi met and held talks with the Iranian cultural envoy in Lahore Jafar Ronas at the Iranian cultural house in the Pakistani city.

The sides discussed cooperation on holding the upcoming international conference and exhibition on Islamic art which is slated to be staged from February 22 to 26.

Pointing to the significant progress of Iranian artists in various areas, Jawad expressed readiness to hold joint conferences, workshops, and exhibitions to expand ties between the two countries.

Referring to the participation of famous Iranian calligrapher Kazem Khorasani in the upcoming event, the professor added that this can bring tangible achievements for the exhibition.

She also said the Pakistani university is ready to host workshops about Iranian miniature to introduce this art to students.

The Iranian envoy, for his part, voices the cultural center’s readiness to hold workshops and step up efforts for a better organization of the international event.


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