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Official Highlights Halal Market Potentials for Vietnam

Vietnam’s deputy minister of foreign affairs said the Halal market is a huge market for Vietnamese businesses.

According to Rahyafte(the missionaries and converts website)Nguyen Quoc Dung said currently Vietnamese Halal products do not account for a significant share, Vietnam News reported.

He made the statement at a conference “Halal market in Southeast Asia-South Asia- South Pacific: Potentials and opportunities”.

It was held on Monday by Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in co-ordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

According to Dung, the Southeast Asia – South Asia – South Pacific region is a potential market with 860 million Muslims and Halal consumers, accounting for 66 per cent of the total Muslim population in the world.

Vietnam has many strengths and favorable conditions to effectively participate in the global Halal economy, including in the pillars of the food, tourism, textiles, pharmaceuticals and media.



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