Sunday, 11 April , 2021
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Special Flag Raised on Najaf Shrine’s Dome ahead of Imam Ali (AS) Birthday

On the eve of the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (AS), the holy shrine of the first Shia Imam (AS) was decorated with a special flag.

  According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website): The “Ali Rayatul Huda (Ali flag of guidance)” flag was raised on the dome of the shrine in Najaf, Iraq, on Tuesday, according to

It is a ritual held every year, on the anniversary of the birthday of Imam Ali (AS).

Last week, the holy mausoleum was decorated with lights and banners on the birth anniversary of Imam Javad (AS), the ninth infallible Shia Imam.

The Astan (custodianship) of the holy shrine has also been getting ready to celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (AS) on the 13th day of the lunar month of Rajab (February 24).

Imam Ali (AS) was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s highly revered son-in-law and cousin as well as the first Imam in Shia Islam.

The Imam is respected for his courage, knowledge, belief, honesty, unbending devotion to Islam, deep loyalty to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), equal treatment of all Muslims and generosity in forgiving his defeated enemies.

Shia Muslims and others celebrate the auspicious occasion in Iraq, Iran, and other parts of the world.


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