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Maryam Dilki: “Shia Muslims have a lot of freedom of action in Germany”

There are about 5 million Muslims in Germany, half a million of whom are Shia,” said a female German Shia activist.

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):  According to Shafaqna quoting Abna, Germany is a country with an area of 357 thousand square kilometers in Western Europe. The country has a population of about 81 million people. Germany is bordered by Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. 67% of the population of the country is made up of Christians and Muslims make up 5% of the German population.


Muslims are the third largest religious group in Germany, after Protestants and Catholics. The Muslim population in Germany has the fastest growing  population among the faiths, with about 40 percent of Muslims in Germany currently under the age of 18. There are dozens of Shia centers in Germany that have been established and running over the past three decades. There are also many Shia figures who live throughout the country, especially in the city of Berlin. Berlin is where the majority of Shia Muslims live. The Islamic Center of Hamburg, the Islamic Center of Munich, the Islamic Center of Mustafa (PBUH), the Islamic Center of Afghanistan in Hamburg, the Ahlal-Bayt (A.S) Center in the city of Disburg and many other centers are Shia institutions in Germany that have different levels of activity.

What follows is a brief conversation with Maryam Dilki, a German female Shia activist, about the situation of the country’s Shia Muslims.

Would you please introduce yourself first?

I am Maryam Dilki. I am 55 years old and I come from Germany. I would introduce myself as a German woman who converted to Islam 10 years ago and is now retired.


 Can you explain us what religious activities you have?

I used to work at a weekend school for Muslim children. But I moved to another city, therefore I could not continue.


What information do you have about German Shia Muslims?

There are about 5 million Muslims in Germany, half a million of whom are Shia. Shia Muslims have a lot of freedom of action in Germany. Of course, the number of indigenous Shia Muslims in Germany is small, and most of the country’s Shia Muslims are immigrants from other countries. I was converted to Islam through a Shia group that is active in Germany.


Would you consider that Wahhabism is active in Germany?

Yes, the Wahhabis are in Germany and they are very active in this country and unfortunately they were somewhat successful.


 What is the position of the family institution in Germany?

Family does not have a good position. People in Germany, including women, have to work long hours. That is why German women do not like to have children. Even if they do have children, they send their children to kindergarten from a very young age.

source: abna

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