Muslim men make flower garlands for Hindus in Udhampur

Making and selling of flower garlands near the road is not a big thing. But it becomes unique when a person is making it especially to be used by other religious community.

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website): Setting such an example of communal harmony is a Muslim family residing in katra area of Reasi district who for the last 25 years has been growing flowers and weaving garlands to be used by their Hindu brethren.


They mostly sell these garlands in and around Udhampur district and prefer to sit beside a temple so that devotees who come to pay their obeisance do not face any problem in getting a flower garland. These garland makers have huge respect for the beliefs of Hindus and feel happy to sell their products to them. They make these garlands with lot of hard work and dedication, and wait eagerly for Hindu festivals, when their business of flower garlands shoots up.

The locals too feel overwhelmed to see them carrying such a respect for the sentiments of other community. Such examples prove that Indians put unity on the highest pedestal and stand undivided and integrated despite all the cultural and religious differences.


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