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Children story about Edoardo Agnelli published ‎

A children book, ‘ Edoardo’s Smile’ by Muslim French author Claire Jubert about ‎Italian martyr Edoardo Agnelli has been published in Persian. ‎

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):  Illustrated by Marzieh Sadeghi, the book has been released by Ahd-e mana Publishing. Edoardo was the only son of Gianni Agnelli, Senator and the industrialist patriarch of Fiat Company. He converted to Islam when he was living in New York City, and changed his name to “Mahdi”. He refused to change his mind under pressure.

In mid-November 2000, he was found dead under mysterious circumstances under a bridge on the outskirts of Turin.

“Grandpa’s eyes got wet again. I hugged her and wiped the tears from his lip. Grandpa said: ‘One day Eduardo came to Iran and asked Imam Reza (AS) that his father be kinder to him and respect his religion. His father also became kinder, but his strength was not enough to reach the others. They did not want all this wealth to go to a Muslim, Eduardo,” he said. They were martyred.’ My heart burnt so much for Eduardo…”

source: ibna

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