Hijab Helps Muslim Women on Path of Empowerment

Speakers at a World Hijab Day function in Islamabad, Pakistan on Monday said Hijab was no hurdle to the women’s development but it promised empowerment of womenfolk.

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):   During the event, which was organized by the Jamaat-i-Islami Women’s Wing at a local hotel, secretary general of the wing Durdana Siddiqui said her party had been holding a 10-day hijab program to promote hijab in the country as it considered hijab to be both protection and a blessing.

She said her party showed solidarity with the women, whose countries had banned hijab, and was encouraging women to veil themselves before stepping out. Durdana Siddiqui Islam had ordered its women followers to cover themselves in public for own protection.

She said it was utter ignorance to consider hijab a way of restricting women and that stopping women by force from covering themselves was a violation of their rights. The JI leader demanded the government promote a ‘hijab culture’ in the country and check the use of woman in advertisements and television plays and shows as a commodity to protect their dignity. Former JI MNA Ayesha Syed said the Hijab Day was marked to stand for the Muslims women, who were subjected to discrimination or prejudice for wearing hijab. She said the syllabus should be reviewed in such a way that it encouraged girls to wear hijab and live a life of modesty.

The JI leader said the Islamic system of governance promised the protection of the people’s life and honour, especially women’s, and ensure the women’s development and empowerment.

She flayed the growing Westernization in Pakistani society and regretted that women were being used as a commodity in advertisements. Ayesha Syed condemned restrictions on and propaganda against hijab in the West and urged Pakistani media to highlight Islamic teachings on how to live life, especially for women.


Source: thenews.com.pk


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