Letter for Youth
Future and Youths

According to Rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):


In the name of God

Dear Islamic associations union youth,
This year your meeting is held through important events which each one is a sign of Iran’s magnificence and honour and its revolutionary nation.

Martyrdoms , military power, unique presence of people, powerful morale and firm will of youth associate with thousands of active organizations in the fields of knowledge and technology and also religious thoughts in a huge number of youth all over the country,all shows a beginning of a unique phenomenon in today’s world.

A phenomenon that can have deep and vital effects in future of history.



The second pace of Islamic republic should be able to complete and put this phenomenon into operation.The hope and expectation in this vital movement is to the wise and religious youth , and : you can be a part of these historical elects.
Hope for great success for you dears
May the peace and the mercy of Allah be upon you.

Sayed Ali Khamenei
۳rd. Of Bahman 1398(25 January 2020)

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