Peace be upon you, Oh daughter of messenger of Allah...
Una ceremonia on Martyrdom Anniversary of Hazrat Zahra (pbuh)

According to Rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):What Imām Ali (PBUH) said on the occasion of the burial of the Supreme Lady, Fātima (PBUH), while addressing the Holy Prophet at his gravesite:



“O Prophet of Allāh! Peace with you from me and from your daughter who has come to you and who has hastened to meet you. O Prophet of Allāh, my patience about your chosen (daughter) has been exhausted, my power of endurance has weakened, except that I have ground for consolation in having endured the great hardship and heart-rending event of your separation. I laid you down in your grave when you breathed your last (as your head was) between my neck and chest.
«انا لله و انا اليه راجعون»
Verily we belong to Allāh, and verily to Him shall we return:sparkles:
(Qur’ān, 2:156)
“Now, the trust has been returned, and what had been given has been taken back. As to my grief, it knows no bounds, and as to my nights, they will remain sleepless till Allāh chooses for me the abode in which you now are residing.
“Certainly, your daughter will apprise you of the joining together of your umma (nation) for the aim of oppressing her. Ask her for the details and get all the reports. This has happened only a short period of time had elapsed, yet your remembrance has already disappeared… My Salām to you both, the Salām of a grief-stricken one, neither a disgusted nor a hateful one. If I go away, it is not because I am weary (of you), and if I stay, it is not due to lack of belief in what Allāh has promised those who endure.”
Nahj_al_Balagha, Sermon 202



خطبه‌ی ۲۰۲ نهج البلاغه که آن حضرت هنگام به خاك سپردن سيده زنان، فاطمه (عليهما السلام) بر سر قبر رسول الله (ص)، چنانكه گويى با او راز مى گويد، بيان داشته است:
سلام بر تو، اى پيامبر خدا. سلام من و دخترت كه اكنون در كنار تو فرود آمده و چه زود به تو پيوست. اى رسول خدا، بر مرگ دخت برگزيده تو، شكيبايى من اندك است و طاقت و توانم از دست رفته ولى مرا، كه اندوه عظيم فرقت تو را ديده ام و رنج مصيبت تو را چشيده ام، جاى شكيبايى است. من خود تو را به دست خود در قبر خواباندم و هنگامى كه سر بر سينه من داشتى، جان به جان آفرين تسليم نمودى. «انا لله و انا اليه راجعون».
آن وديعت بازگردانده شد و آن امانت به صاحبش رسيد. و اندوه مرا پايانى نيست. همه شب خواب به چشمم نرود تا آن گاه كه خداوند براى من سرايى را كه تو در آن جاى گرفته اى، اختيار كند.
بزودى، دخترت تو را خبر دهد كه چگونه امتت گرد آمدند و بر او ستم كردند. همه سرگذشت را از او بپرس و خبر حال ما از او بخواه. اينها در زمانى بود كه از مرگ تو ديرى نگذشته بود و تو از يادها نرفته بودى.
بدرود تو را و دخترت را. بدرود كسى كه وداع مى كند، نه بدرود كسى كه رنجيده و ملول است. اگر از اينجا بازمى گردم نه از روى ملالت است و اگر درنگ مى كنم نه به سبب آن است كه به وعده اى كه خدا به صابران داده است بدگمان شده ام.








DUA: Allah!
please accept this from us.
You are All-Hearing and All-Knowing.
You are The Most Forgiving.
You are The Most Relenting and repeatedly Merciful.
Allah! grant us The Taufiq to read all the 5 prayers with sincerity.
(Taken from  To Be Earnest In Prayers By Amina Elahi)


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