Eight days until Eid al-Ghadir 2019
You are Only a Warner and for Every Nation There is a Guide

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Eight days until Eid al-Ghadir 2019 – Every day with a verse from the Holy Quran

Eid al-Ghadir: August 20


Ayah 7
” You are only a warner and for every nation there is a guide”.

When this ayah was revealed to RasoolAllah ( saw, ) He said ” , I am just a warner and Ali ( as) is guide after Me” . Then He said to Moula Ali ( as, ) ” O’ Ali ( as)! Those who will be guided after Me will be guided through You.
( ” Tafseer e Safi page 258)

Ibn Masood narrates regarding this ayah” , The warner is RasoolAllah ( saw) and the guide is Ali ( asws) ibn Abi Talib ( as).

Fazail ibn Shazaan pg 174).




Check out this link for images related to the Event of Ghadir Khumm: http://rahyafte.com/en/1059


Imam Ali(PBUH):

Misfortune and helplessness are calamities; patience is a kind of bravery; to sever attachments with the wicked world is the greatest wealth; piety is the best weapon of defence. Submission to Allah’s Will is the best companion.

Nahj-Albalaqah; Saying 4



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