The Edoardo (Mahdi) Agnelli Islamic Association

It comprises of lawyers and judges who provide legal aid to reverts free of charge. The department also aims at codifying and amending laws regarding reverts.

  به گزارش رهیافته (پایگاه جامع مبلغین و تازه مسلمانان)

The Edoardo (Mahdi) Agnelli Islamic Association

The Edoardo (Mahdi) Agnelli Islamic Association was founded in 2006 in Isfahan, Iran, in order to promote and introduce Islam, and Edoardo Agnelli in particular. In 2012 and 2013, the association started “the reverts” section in Tehran’s International Quran Exhibition, which was very well received by the public as well as the authorities. Since then, the association has been actively working for reverts, and by identifying and organizing the reverts living in Iran, has done its best to offer them any help they might need besides using their help in propagating Islam.


A brief introduction to the Edoardo Agnelli Islamic Association and its activities through Iranian websites and news agencies.


The Edoardo Agnelli Islamic Association owns three websites:

which chiefly deals with issues regarding reverts and missionaries in Farsi, English, Spanish and Arabic.

which contains exhibitional image series, captioned images and infographics, which are made by the Edoardo Agnelli Association as well as other cultural societies, and some of which are available for free download. The association has produced and posted on this website many exhibitional image series including I am a hijabi, the governance of the jurist (velayat-e faqih), introduction to the Wahhabi heretical sect, introduction to the Baha’i heretical sect, and series on the lives of Ahl al-Bayt (one series for each Imam).

which is an Islamic comic strip website in 22 languages. The website presents Islamic concepts and current issues dealing with Islam in the simple and concise language of comics, which is widespread through the East and the West.


The Social Media Networks Department

The Edoardo Agnelli Association publishes its contents in most social media networks as well as websites including Instagram, Linkedin, Cloob, Wisgoon, iGap, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Soroush, Gap, WhatsApp, Wikipedia, Eitaa and Bale. In some of the networks, such as Instagram, the association runs a number of active pages in different languages.

The Translator’s Department

It includes translators of different languages who produce content for the “rahyafteha” website and IslamComics.

Children’s and Publishing Department

It produces and publishes content for children. Coloring worksheets, children’s books, illustrations on hijab, Muslim martyrs, etc. are among the productions of this department. The department also plans to publish comic books, children’s books on Edoardo Agnelli and young adult literature in near future.

The Research Department

It does research on reverts and the propagation of Islam now and in the Islamic history. The department has many subgroups including the Excel group (dealing with the quantification of available information on reverts), the Islamic Civilization group and the God and Science group.

The Edoardo Department

It tries its best to produce and publish content on Edoardo Agnelli through almost every virtual and physical medium.

The Captioned Images and Graphic Design Department

It mainly works on producing captioned images to be shared on social media networks.

The Apps and Games Department

So far, the department has made several apps including one on introducing the Baha’I heretical sect

The Film and Video Clips Department

It is responsible for making films and video clips about reverts and missionaries.

The Languages Department

Each language group independently produces materials to be published and shared. English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, Korean and Chinese are among the language groups active in the department.


Edoardo Agnelli was the sole heir to the Italian multibillionaire, Gianni Agnelli’s enormous fortune. His mother was a Jewish princess and his father was a Christian senator. Edoardo’s family earnings are estimated to have been three times the national oil revenues of Iran. Seven well-known industrial companies, including Fiat, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Iveco, multiple newspapers and TV channels as well as Juventus Football Club were among his family’s assets. At the age of 19, when studying at Princeton University, Edoardo came across the Holy Quran in the library and read it. Then after a lot of research, he converted to Islam. Following the Iranian Islamic Revolution, Edoardo became a Shia. He was subjected to persecution to give up his faith. He; however, who had also earned a doctorate degree in Eastern Philosophy in the meantime, would never yield. Finally, Edoardo Agnelli was martyred in 2000, so that the large family fortune would never pass on to him.

]کیوآرکد بالایی[

A short video clip on Edoardo Agnelli, produced by the Edoardo Agnelli Islamic Association

]کیوآرکد پایینی[

The documentary film on Edoardo Agnelli available on Aparat


Some of the Activities:

  • Starting and running the “reverts” section in Tehran’s International Quran Exhibition,

2012, 2013, 2018, 2019


  • Holding annual memorial ceremonies for Edoardo Agnelli and Luca Gaetani D’Aragona Lovatelli
  • Providing support for reverts within the various departments
  • Identifying and introducing reverts through the website, television and radio interviews, as well as books, flash cards, exhibitional image products, etc.
  • Active social media presence in different languages
  • Creating cultural products as well as content on reverts and the propagation of Islam


  • Providing advice to public Islamic propagation activities
  • Holding meetings with Muslim scholars and personalities
  • Providing advice to television and radio programs on reverts
  • Active presence in Tehran International Book Fair, Tehran’s International Quran Exhibition , Tehran’s International Digital Media Exhibition, and on Quds Day and 22 of Bahman (Iranian Islamic Revolution Day) events
  • Doing Islamic propagation activates throughout the year, such as designing and printing 4000 “20 minutes closed  for prayer” placards free of charge


The Departments of the Association:

The Legal Department

It comprises of lawyers and judges who provide legal aid to reverts free of charge. The department also aims at codifying and amending laws regarding reverts.

The Psychological Support Department

It is responsible for providing counseling and therapy for reverts.

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