Chamran had miystically life in field of knowledge and fight
Scholar and mystic

Finding the men who are in summits of knowledge,faith,act, character , struggle and worship; is very difficut . Chamran is one of them.


According to rahyafte ( the missionaries and converts  website ):

Dr. Mostafa chamran belonged to a middle class family, they were not very well off, there were 9 other members in his family, his 6 brothers, mother, father grandmother and maternal aunt. They didn’t have a house of there own, they lived in a rented house that was small enough for a family of four.


He was a brilliant student and excelled in every field, studying was always a difficult task for him as his house did not provide enough space for him to study, so he would take his books and go up to his roof and study there for hour’s, he even spent hours studying up there in the cold chilly winters of Iran.


And because of his will and determination he after completing his 12th from a neighboring govt. school he got selected on merit basis in the engineering college in Tehran in 1943.and after completing his graduation he was sent to USA for completing his PhD, it was sponsored by the education Dept of Tehran university and on merit got admission in the university of California ,but being from a middle class family he couldn’t bear the expenses of his studies ,he still didn’t give up hope and as they say ‘where there is a will there is a way” and this time owing to his excellent academic performance the Iranian govt. stepped forward and covered up all his expenses by granting him a scholarship.


During his stay in the US he stood up for the Iranian students and people who were treated like slaves he organized various campaigns and seminars on their rights to have equal treatment abroad , this forced the Iranian govt. to stop providing economic support to him. Charman wasn’t the man who would give up he started working part time to pay for his education. After completing his PhD, He was flooded with job offers from among the country , including NASA (national aeronautic and space engineering), but he rejected all the offers by saying that it was impossible that he would help the enemy by rendering service to a country whose main aim always was to suppress the Muslim world. During that time a war broke out in Lebanon, the Israelis had started a war against the people of Lebanon, Muslims were brutally killed , they didn’t even spare the mothers and children . There was chaos everywhere, Imam Musa Sadar called Dr. chamran and asked him for help, without giving it a second thought Dr. Chamran left for Lebanon.



Martyr Chamran was a pious man, he always served his religion, he would always say that “THE SAYINGS OF IMAM ALI ARE THE SAYINGS OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (s.a.w.w) AND THE SAYINGS OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD ARE THE SAYINGS OF THE HOLY QURAN”

He found peace of mind and soul while praying, he would pray till late nights and would sleep after all but yet he was the first one to come to pray in the morning , said one of his students. His wife would always see him waking up at midnight and praying , tears would flow like steams down his face. He did everything to please Allah (s.w.t) . he did not long for the riches of the world he said they were are fake he longed for the love of God


He was always true to his religion , even when he was in the Tehran Univ. there were so many propagations against Islam yet he chose to be a member in the Islamic students Union,

Imam Ali (a.s) in the Nahjulbalagha says

“Verily the heart of a youth is like an empty land

It accepts whatever seed’s are grown in it”

Martyr Chamran was a firm believer and follower of Imam Ali (a.s), whenever in an argument he would prove his say by quoting the sayings of Imam Ali (a.s) and that proved satisfying to all, his sermons lectures and notes all had an element of Imam Ali (a.s) teachings in them.



Dr. Chamran saw himself as a common peasant, who would work and toil to please the almighty, he loved his fellow beings, he could not bear the sufferings of the poor and less fortunate, if ever he would spot a beggar, he would get out of his car

and wrap his arms against him and in tears would tell him it was alright, he gave huge alms to the poor. He could not stand injustice that was one of the reasons that he left US and went to Lebanon. He rose up to the cries of his Muslim brothers. He did not fear death, he would say “cowards die many times before their death; it’s the brave that dies just once”.


Imam Musa Sadar had opened 4 industries in Lebanon in just 4 years , just to help the country come out of the economical crunch, he also opened many centers so as to increase the commercial development in Lebanon , and the biggest among them was called “ jable amil tech. Institution” it mostly employed the younger youth, and helped the destitute , the poor and the orphaned children, mostly those who had lost their parents in the war against Israel. Dr. Chamran was appointed as the principal of this center , Dr Chamran would sleep after all the children had gone to bed , he took care of them as his own , he at times would even do their dishes, this work didn’t make him feel small , but it made him feel so connected to his Almighty . He remained there for 8 years.


Dr Chamran in his book Lebanon says;

“This institution was our center, our military headquarters’, our training camp, and also our Home”



All those who had taken training from Dr Chamran became the soldiers of the Islamic revolution ( Sipah-e-pasdaran-e-inqilaabe islamia), these members are also the strong soldiers of the resident forces in Lebanon. The majority soldiers of the Islamic organization of Palestine have been trained by Dr. Chamran.

It was because of his great efforts, sincerity, hard work, courage and also by utilizing the great efforts of his friends, colleagues and students, he believed that he could make an army that was strong enough to unite and fight for Islam, a new nation took birth in Lebanon, that what is popularly known as THE HIZBULLAH around the globe

Yes very few might have known what is known to you now .

The great commander in chief of the Hizbullah, Syed Hassan Nasrullah has with great pride and honor declared himself as the student of the greatest teacher Martyr Dr.Mustafa Chamran.

Great men are born and great men die leaving behind memories, but greater are the people like Dr Mustafa Chamran who leave behind them an entire new Nation.


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There are a lot of prayers that belong to him. This is one of them :

O Allah !

I swear to your high sky ,
swear to love ,
swear to martyrdom,
swear to Ali (as),
swear to Hossein (as),
swear to spirit ,
swear to extremely ,
swear to glow,
swear to vast sea ,
swear to delightful waves ,
swear to summit of mountains ,
swear to reveille of war ,
swear to poet’s fervency of heart ,
swear to devotees,
swear to tormented one’s pain,
swear to orphan’s tear ,
swear to widow’s tragic alas ,
swear to exalted men’s loneliness :

I love beauty .
What beauty
becoming condoler with Ali(as),
suffering pain ,
hearing accusation from vilest criminals,
hearing curse from unjust spitefules,

What beauty
in high palm garden ,
in midnight,
unfolding bereaved heart
and roaring
and talking to beautiful stars ,

What beauty
in great divine blessing that it’s name is sorrow and pain ;
becoming Ali’s pure Shia .

DUA: Allah please accept this from us. You are All-Hearing and All-Knowing. You are The Most Forgiving.You are The Most Relenting and repeatedly Merciful. Allah grant us The Taufiq to read all the 5 prayers with sincerity.
(Taken from: To Be Earnest In Prayers By Amina Elahi)
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