Blood donation instead of Tatbir among Shia Muslims.

the most outstanding Shia scholars are unanimous in this issue. According to their view, Tatbir is considered as self-damage and hence Haram in Islam.

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):

Tatbir (Arabic: تطبير‎‎), also known as Talwar zani and Qama Zani was a contested issue among Shias many years ago. But nowadays  the most outstanding Shia scholars are unanimous in this issue. According to their view, Tatbir is considered as self-damage and hence Haram in Islam. Although this practice has become very  limited among Shias, but those media which are opposed to Islam, try to show it as a spreading practice and defame the image of  Shiism in a huge way.

Tatbir was an act of mourning practiced by some Shia Muslims on the 10 Muharram of the Islamic calendar, known as “the Day of Ashura”. The day that Imam Hussain(a s) was martyred along with his children, companions and near relatives at the Battle of Karbala by the Umayyad Caliph Yazid. The practice included striking oneself with daggers causing blood to flow. As mentioned, Shia Scholars believe that the practice is Haram and forbidden because of damaging the body. They, instead, have exhorted Shia Muslims to donate blood in the day of Aushura in remembrance of the innocent blood of Imam Husayn(a.s). A practice which is useful for the body health and helpful for saving others lives.


The table below shows the views of Shia Scholars about  the act of Tatbir:


Grand Ayatollahs

(Shia Scholars)

Views Description
Ruhollah Khomeini Forbidden

Ayatollah Khomeini forbade it, therefore Hizbullah does not allow the members to perform Tatbir. Instead, Ayatollah Khomeini and Khamenei encourage the members to donate their blood.


Ali Khamenei Forbidden Supreme Leader of Iran has stated that Tatbir is forbidden.
Hassan Nasrallah Forbidden the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon, has also taken steps to end Tatbir. Instead of practicing Tatbir, he offered to donate blood on Ashura day to patients who need it
Ali Sistani Forbidden Any action which defame the mourning for Imam Hussain(a.s) should be avoided.
Naser Makarem Shirazi Forbidden Muslims should avoid actions that display weakness in the Shia religion and damage the body.
Mohammad Fazel Lankarani Forbidden Tatbir shows the harsh face of mourning of Husayn ibn Ali and it harms Shiism.
Abdollah Javadi-Amoli Forbidden It is not permissible to insult Islam and the desecration of mourning. Therefore, it is better to avoid Tatbir and things like that.
Mohammad-Taqi Bahjat Foumani Forbidden It should be avoided; every act that would be an insult to the Shia
Hossein Noori Hamedani Forbidden Should be avoided as actions that weakens the Shia religion.
Hossein Mazaheri Forbidden When Wali e Faqih (Guardian Jurist) orders to avoid something, all people have to avoid it, even if they do not follow Guardian Jurist.
Kazem al-Haeri Forbidden Tatbir is a superstition that causes the defamation of Islam and Shia Islam in particular.
Mohaqiq Kabuli Forbidden There is no allowance to practice Tatbir or self-flagellation or something else that is considered as self-harm.


Despite the fact that Shiism considers the act of Tatbir impermissible, and lots of efforts have been done to omit this wrong practice, but unfortunately a small minority of Shias are yet doing it without considering the negative reflection on Shiism in the world or harmful effects on their bodies.

Iraqi sociologist Ibrahim al-Haidari has called Tatbir an irrational act. He states blood donations should replace Tatbir. Mohammad Mehdi Shamseddin,  a Lebanese Shia Scholar, also established a Blood bank in Najaf to donate blood on Ashura day to patients who need it. This video shows the Shia Muslims in California on 2016 day of Ashura who are donating their blood for the love of Imam Hussain(a.s):

So the culture of blood donation on the day of Ashura in remembrance of the innocent blood of Imam Husayn(a.s), is spreading in the world of Islam and each year the number of Shia muslims who refer to the blood banks in different countries is increasing.


DUA: Allah please accept this from us. You are All-Hearing and All-Knowing. You are The Most Forgiving.You are The Most Relenting and repeatedly Merciful. Allah grant us The Taufiq to read all the 5 prayers with sincerity.
(Taken from: To Be Earnest In Prayers By Amina Elahi)
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